We offer a wide selection, both of patterns & materials, so that you can design suits, shirts & coats exactly to your liking. Below you can familiarize yourself with the selection & see a part of it in pictures.

blazer, jakkaföt og jakkaföt með vesti

Pure wool

Pure wool 1

In our wool category one, the materials are made of 90% wool & 10% synthetic materials that provide increased strength & elasticity. This category has a wide variety of patterns.

Jacket from 79,980,-

Suits from 129,980,-

Suit w. vest from 149,980,-

blazer, jakkaföt og jakkaföt með vesti úr 100% ull

Pure wool 2

Pure wool 2

our pure wool 2 category is our most popular category and a step above the first, but here you can find fabrics made from 97-100% merino wool woven in Australia. Materials like this are known for their quality, but they breathe well, are soft & move well with the wearer. We offer a wide selection in this category.

Jacket from 99,980,-

Suits from 149,980,-

Suit w. vest from 169,980,-

blazer, jakkaföt og jakkaföt með vesti frá VBC Vitale Barberis Cononico



Vitale Barberis Canonico or VBC is a family-run company from Italy that has specialized in weaving for 360 years or since 1663. Their materials are always of the highest quality and are made of 100% wool unless otherwise stated. The fabrics stretch, breathe and hold their shape extremely well, and they describe their materials as something suit enthusiasts dream about. You can read their history here: VBC

Jacket from NOK 109,980

Suits from NOK 154,980

Suit w. vest 179,980 NOK

Smóking jakkaföt og kvöldjakkar


Tuxedos & evening jackets

If the occasion calls for a tux or a dinner jacket, you can get the suit from us. On our black tie garments, you can choose between satin or velvet on the buttons, lapels and pockets.

Evening jacket from 74,980,-

Tuxedo from 154,980

Sérsaumaðar skyrtur úr bómull



The basics of formal wear. Our shirt fabrics come in a variety of colors & styles & are suitable for all occasions as we have everything from flannel shirts to Hawaiian shirts and everything in between. Most of our shirts are made of cotton, but we also have linen or various synthetic materials.

Single shirt 24,980,-

*a 15% discount is given if two or more shirts are bought, or if the shirt is bought with another garment.

Sérsamaðir frakkar, og aðrar yfirhafnir



We offer both wool coat and raincoat materials for customers to choose from. A perfect way to keep the look nice despite the weather on the iceberg. We also have cashmere blends for those who want to go a step further.

100% wool from 99,980,-

90/10% wool & cashmere from 109,980,-

70/30% wool & cashmere from 124,980,-