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Made to measure

Made to measure makes the clothes as comfortable as they are beautiful. We have a lot of experience in most styles and we're sure we can make something beautiful together.

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The process


The customer books an appointment at a time that suits him.


After a discussion about the customer's needs, he receives specially selected folders with countless suiting materials in all colors & patterns that he can choose from.


When the materials are chosen, the customer is measured and the shape of the clothes is determined, i.e. roughly, English, Italian or American.

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Once the customer has been measured, we start designing the clothes. It is done in close cooperation with the customer so that his satisfaction is guaranteed. After that they shake hands.


Four to five weeks later, the customer comes back to us & tries on their clothes. If everything is as it should be, they will be delivered there and then. If something is not as it should be, we have seamstresses with decades of experience to fix everything

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Unique clothes every time

What do you want? We can most likely fix it. From relaxed summer jackets to the most formal tuxedos. You can hand pick every single detail, including Buttons, pleating, lapels and even embroidery under the collar for an even more personal touch.

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Whether it's your big day, you want to be an excellent best man or simply stand out, it's our true honor to walk people down the aisle. Listen to us and find out if we don't have the clothes for you. This is your day too.

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