How soon can I get clothes?

Depends entirely on what you define as short notice, but we aim for 4 weeks +/-. You can pay extra for priority, but we'll always let you know if the clothes miss a corner.


Do I pay before or after the clothes are delivered?

We only accept payments in advance, i.e. cash or card payments

I need a large/small size suit, is that a problem?

With us, your size doesn't matter, otherwise there would be little point in special stitching over the head.

What kind of content do you offer?

We offer our customers a choice of material from a variety of materials. We favor wool the most, as it has stood the test of time and we offer several weight classes of wool to meet most needs.

What increases the cost of the clothes?

The base price is calculated based on the material selected. When choosing fabric, there is really only a little extra handwork that increases the cost, for example if you ask for a half-lined jacket or hand-stitched buttonholes on the sleeves.

What kind of warranty is there for the clothes?

We put a lot of trust in our clothes and follow a general warranty on the clothes, for example we repair loose numbers, loose seams or anything else that might come up, within a reasonable time limit.ᅠ


I just need a single garment, is that a problem?

With us, you can get everything individually, if you only need a jacket or only trousers, that's the least of it.


I can't get measured, so can't I order clothes from you?

You can order standard shop sizes from us and possibly change them, but of course we prefer to have people take measurements. You can also take a video interview and go over the process, it is best to contact us here .


Is it possible to get business services from you?

We offer a company service where we either come to the workplace and go over the process and guide people through this, or people can come to us, but then only four at a time.

Where are your clothes sewn?

Our clothes are made by an Irish company in their branch in China.




Is it possible to get a tuxedo and evening jacket from you?

With us, men can get evening jackets and tuxedos in both traditional colors, but you can also go beyond the box and choose a tuxedo or evening jacket in all kinds of colors. Of course, the tuxedos and jackets have satin on the cuffs and pockets. Note however, we do not offer dress clothes as of now.



If I have received clothes from you before, do I have to come back for measurements?

If you have attended a measurement once, there is no need to come back unless you have taken a big swing in your form. Otherwise, we keep the cases of all our customers and do them according to your wishes.


If I have clothes that fit me, can I get the same measurements from you?

With us, you can order clothes exactly according to other garments and make them to your liking.